among us NEW SCHOOL MAP with NEW TEACHER ROLE (mods) 

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today in among us we have a new teacher impostor role on a new school map
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epic man AeolicEDM
map cscamera.info/market/jpbNjrJjiZPSpWk/video

Music → bit.ly/3edT2Sc​ (Kevin MacLeod)
→ bit.ly/3kdvbVY​ (Epidemic)
Outro → bit.ly/2DoKefp

Email → nicholas@socksfor1.com

Family Friendly PG Clean 13+


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23. 03. 2021





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Socksfor1 Před 24 dny
dino moment
Xander is MLG
Xander is MLG Před 24 dny
Meteor moment
the imposter child 7476
Banana gang Jaden
Banana gang Jaden Před 24 dny
🦖 moment
Spongebob Squarepants
Only dino
Jay Diamond Sonic
Jay Diamond Sonic Před 24 dny
Hi 👋
Less Clan
Less Clan Před 38 minutami
Dangonropa from wish
Cryogen Před hodinou
Novisor...Novisor...we will make you one of us... Novisor...Novisor...we will make you one of us... Novisor...Novisor...we will make you one of us...
April Nicely
April Nicely Před 8 hodinami
Bee it’s 2222
Scott sargent
Scott sargent Před 17 hodinami
the second imposter should be the bully XD
pgwicked Před 21 hodinou
I want to get in a game with socks nothing gets boring with these mods
TRajtarić Před 23 hodinami
1:56 Wynton Marsalis out of no where
Amanda Hunter-Anthony
I'm your biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!
Amanda Hunter-Anthony
Zainab Alaraimi
Zainab Alaraimi Před dnem
meme god: who was the first president of india? some random guy: your mom me and laff :Rajendra Prasad everyone:jealous*
PHamza Abdullah
PHamza Abdullah Před dnem
He had early Access
eynjuli Před 2 dny
5:03 Tbh: hey siri heads or tails Siri: silent
Brickman Před 2 dny
Imtiaz S
Imtiaz S Před 2 dny
Imtiaz S
Imtiaz S Před 2 dny
Imtiaz S
Imtiaz S Před 2 dny
Zidane Před 2 dny
Is this not a mod?
John Loyd Padilla The Gamer
Everyone Is Gansta Until A Bald Green Guy Smacks His Ruler Cause They Got The Math Question Wrong
Milla Faith
Milla Faith Před 3 dny
and thats why they say school is prison, but in my book *school is called hell, not prison* wait no I take that back. *school is the prison of hell* thats better
Milla Faith
Milla Faith Před 3 dny
im 12 years old and i'm 5,8 or taller, mum maybe putting something that helps you grow taller but idk BUT DID I HEAR TBH IS 14 AND 4,11? :O HE SHORTER THEN ME, A 12 YEAR OLD IF THATS TRUE
Kim LaTrell
Kim LaTrell Před 3 dny
I love the way blaza and joocie shared yellow
Emma Carael
Emma Carael Před 4 dny
hey the one who make the map is bigtoe please suscribe to him to cause he work hard making this map
bill adam
bill adam Před 5 dny
"in the end i did A PERFECT IMPOSTORE RUN!!" the last run: EVERYONE F DIES
Peyton Gadberry
Peyton Gadberry Před 5 dny
Socks: There are no mods it's a actual new map. settings: map: the skeld
Ventor47 Před 6 dny
You see it’s funny because I hate school but i like the video
Gieliegames De pokedodomon
I m sad I m in 7 grade
Elanip Highlights
Elanip Highlights Před 6 dny
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki Před 6 dny
7:01 it’s fine Dino does that from time to time y’know it’s just a Dino thing
kissbabigrl Před 7 dny
you get a good 10000$
Jenny S. Roberts
Jenny S. Roberts Před 7 dny
You should do a mine map
Miranda Resendez
Miranda Resendez Před 7 dny
The bathroom is not a classroom!!! I think 🤔
Jon Young
Jon Young Před 7 dny
Socks: i don,t want to be the school bully nomore Me: well you just say i am the scool bully now you change your mind.. okay okay
Jon Young
Jon Young Před 7 dny
socks: *into class* also socks: i am a good kid (rewond time) Socks: i am going to shove dino into the lockers Me: ummm good kids don,t put people into lockers
Kaiden Tran
Kaiden Tran Před 7 dny
Grady Quinn
Grady Quinn Před 7 dny
12:14 what the hell just happened.
hassan zaidi
hassan zaidi Před 8 dny
who wants to play this mod/ i have this ask me to play
Draco_Gold Před 8 dny
Could you make a cursed world map?
Draco_Gold Před 8 dny
I mean among us
Celestino Soto-Tapia
It’s a mod pack he’s just joking
Kermit Productions
Kermit Productions Před 8 dny
Never knew I was smarter than socksfor1
Captain X Impersonations
You should either do Among us IRL or you should do Avatar the last air bender Fire: shoot fire balls Air: imposter can run faster (because wind speed) Water: wash people away or slow people down Earth: make a rock wall to block people off Ice: freeze people or the ground to make it slippy Lightning: shoot lightning at people Bloodbending: control people
The 10 year old USSR
There’s was no teacher it was a school shooter
MaLware Před 9 dny
Nobody talkin about how the custom hats that they are using are gone?
Ellie J
Ellie J Před 9 dny
I work at school for 6 hrs every day 5days
Inspire quixy
Inspire quixy Před 9 dny
Lokman Hossain
Lokman Hossain Před 9 dny
Name baldi
Adem Camci
Adem Camci Před 9 dny
What about a bully roll socks plz it’s a good imposter roll in the same map this is a imposter roll for you
Srabanti Roy
Srabanti Roy Před 9 dny
maTHs iS dA BeST.
Nida Sami Khan
Nida Sami Khan Před 10 dny
how did they just die ????
Music P1ayz
Music P1ayz Před 10 dny
Juice in the background: what's 18 plus 14? What's 18 plus 14? WHATS 18 PLUS 14? Me not even paying attention to him in the background: 32. Wait why did I say that again?
Rex Robbins
Rex Robbins Před 10 dny
TBH has been taught well...
Samantha Abigail
Samantha Abigail Před 11 dny
Was that a glitch in the ending? Uwaaaa so cool
Rancorous Tomberry
Rancorous Tomberry Před 11 dny
0:03 FARD
Yara2020 Familyin
Yara2020 Familyin Před 11 dny
This is really the best mod that I have ever seen in my life💟💟🏫🏀🎒📚📙📘📗📓📕📔📎📝📏📐✂️✏️📎📖📑
That Guy
That Guy Před 11 dny
Everybody gangsta till the school is in America
Patricia Everly
Patricia Everly Před 11 dny
Um there is no new map
Ramit Roshan
Ramit Roshan Před 12 dny
This is so much power
Hey socksfor 1
Kara Matida
Kara Matida Před 12 dny
The tedious wasp thoracically rain because garage morphologically bleach unto a yummy oak. vulgar, boiling lotion
Aditi Dasgupta
Aditi Dasgupta Před 12 dny
Just gotta say Meme's Indian english accent is on point tho😂
Sandra Jackson
Sandra Jackson Před 12 dny
Among us but you put together EVERY MOD
Adeel Manzoor
Adeel Manzoor Před 13 dny
6:27 funny moment😂😂
Freya Mullins
Freya Mullins Před 13 dny
You are the most hilarious guy ever
Abby's Gacha Gaming
Abby's Gacha Gaming Před 13 dny
TBHhonest: *spins the coin and gets it right* Me: THE GOLDEN COIN ALWAYS FINDS A WAY! Inspirational quote from Blaza
Zeke Burroughs
Zeke Burroughs Před 13 dny
Hexifi Před 13 dny
14 year old is 8th grade
GOD GAMING Před 14 dny
Feeling a proud Indian
Guys where did oof go from socks gang
오윤경 Před 14 dny
The imposter is basically baldy
Miti Perme
Miti Perme Před 14 dny
6:46 Bro that's the funniest thing I've HEARD
The Austin
The Austin Před 14 dny
Vanoss and delirious and even the other crew actually played this map nice
Ilyesse El-Mhajri
Ilyesse El-Mhajri Před 14 dny
Alex Havenga
Alex Havenga Před 14 dny
Dino sounds dutch
Susmita Dolai
Susmita Dolai Před 15 dny
You should have been able to go into the lockers
•Gacha Donuts•
•Gacha Donuts• Před 15 dny
Imagine if all of the students were baby crewmates and the teacher was just a normal crewmate
Jennifer Butts
Jennifer Butts Před 7 dny
Yara2020 Familyin
Yara2020 Familyin Před 11 dny
This must be a new mod 💗💗📚
pjkerr0702 Před 15 dny
Jonathan S.
Jonathan S. Před 15 dny
There is a school shooter among us 🤫
Logan M
Logan M Před 15 dny
Im in the 4,11 gang
Apex Gamer 4x
Apex Gamer 4x Před 15 dny
That is not a map it’s airship
Marcel G-sz
Marcel G-sz Před 15 dny
When you break the rules but you still lose: ,_,
Marco Munsami
Marco Munsami Před 15 dny
Make mode were you killß
채원예원TV Před 16 dny
What the......
Caleb Hansen
Caleb Hansen Před 16 dny
Caleb Hansen
Caleb Hansen Před 16 dny
So you know I was on my way to class and there was a dead body " dino quot-2021
Robert Lopez
Robert Lopez Před 16 dny
This is how the teachers should do online class
PuR3 Phys1cs
PuR3 Phys1cs Před 16 dny
When a teacher watches this 👁👄👁
John Roblero
John Roblero Před 16 dny
I can do the math problems so much quicker than Socks and he's a lot older than me .
Anah Marks
Anah Marks Před 16 dny
How about students have to do break school rules like they are tasks and if the teacher catches them they go to detention for a certain amount of time.
Anah Marks
Anah Marks Před 16 dny
Rimantas Pocius
Rimantas Pocius Před 16 dny
Dino moment so funny
MyNameIsDS2 Před 16 dny
Baldi basics moment
VINNAMUDHAN 9A Před 16 dny
Isnt it big toe's game?
I love how they died circling socks xD
konto do usunięcia
konto do usunięcia Před 17 dny
1:43 look at TBHonest! The crazy kid that is drifting while entering class. In fking every school
Sumanta Neupane
Sumanta Neupane Před 17 dny
مخمخمخمخم ةخةثىف بخق يهىخ hello
Fallen guy
Fallen guy Před 17 dny
6:45 when everyone see a cockroach flying be like:
VIVID Playz Před 17 dny
5:25 Fun fact: im 14
Jess Taylor
Jess Taylor Před 17 dny
Class clown jester 🤡🤭
Micro-k Před 17 dny
I stayed up past my bed time to watch this video 😎
Jonica Mann
Jonica Mann Před 17 dny
Me:*late for school*. The teacher:I HEAR YOU LATE FOR SCHOOL!
JV Lopez
JV Lopez Před 17 dny
Well according to age calculation if he is 14 yrs he would be in 9th grade and held back one year would be in 8th with the crew meaning that you guys are 13 14 or 12
Markilla Smith
Markilla Smith Před 17 dny
Dino monent
BennyTheFish Před 17 dny
fix: instead on 1 impostor do 1 teacher AMOGUS
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