among us NEW STORE mod (BUY NUKES) 

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today we play among us but its a new store mod where you can buy stuff to help yourself such as a nuke
Join MC Server → SOCKS.GG
Merch→ bit.ly/3jQSBSc
Reddit → bit.ly/3apoz3C
Discord → bit.ly/3aoc08U
Twitter → bit.ly/2MrebAu
Insta → bit.ly/2MRg4WP
Live → bit.ly/2MKpFPs

Music → bit.ly/3edT2Sc​ (Kevin MacLeod)
→ bit.ly/3kdvbVY​ (Epidemic)
Outro → bit.ly/2DoKefp

Family Friendly PG Clean 13+


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28. 03. 2021





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Socksfor1 Před 19 dny
Ailo Norheim
Ailo Norheim Před 8 dny
Lets gooooo
LeonTheRedGuy And Stuff
Les gooooo
Triggered cheese man
da adult
Idk What to wright
Idk What to wright Před 19 dny
Hi dababy
Idk What to wright
Idk What to wright Před 19 dny
Yolanda Arangorin
Yolanda Arangorin Před 6 hodinami
Jacob Kleinsasser
Jacob Kleinsasser Před 10 hodinami
Hold up did socks just appear at the start
Sith Lord Cross
Sith Lord Cross Před 20 hodinami
I just realized if the Imposter has the nuke and sabotages reactor it’s guranteed a win or 5 or 4 kills
R W Před 23 hodinami
Wanda vison theme plays
R W Před 23 hodinami
It’s Been blaza all along da da da da da da da
Jacek Soltysiuk
Jacek Soltysiuk Před dnem
Mitchell Morneau
Mitchell Morneau Před 2 dny
Golden coin
Yusuf Tarakci
Yusuf Tarakci Před 2 dny
Alexander Cruz
Alexander Cruz Před 3 dny
Funtime_Vanny 13
Funtime_Vanny 13 Před 3 dny
I BOUGHT laffs clothes! I actually bought them tho lol
G. TinyMan
G. TinyMan Před 4 dny
Then they could only win by tasks
Alex Willson
Alex Willson Před 4 dny
Blaza thinking be like: I have more than 1 golden coin
Prince Obiorah
Prince Obiorah Před 4 dny
Dab at
XOITARTS Před 4 dny
sox41 comes back with children entertaintment
bill adam
bill adam Před 5 dny
socks: SHENAI LAFF! and no one can move the wall again! laff: FUCKING DIES
Rickyblue Před 5 dny
0:22 ayo is that a euro ???
Elijah Ewing
Elijah Ewing Před 5 dny
Blazes favorite mod
Tiger Lover 285
Tiger Lover 285 Před 5 dny
EAmong us,
Eternal Beast
Eternal Beast Před 6 dny
Blaza is going out of biesness
Lucasrb345 Před 6 dny
Ghet nuke is like kinda big nuke is everything gone
Michelle Claypoole
Michelle Claypoole Před 6 dny
Jones Gaming
Jones Gaming Před 6 dny
Alt title: EA buys among us mod
SwugPerny King
SwugPerny King Před 6 dny
Make only impostor with NUKE
Alien Visitor
Alien Visitor Před 6 dny
Why is he making so many mods
Duane Welch
Duane Welch Před 6 dny
The rare step demographically grab because diamond suddenly retire unto a wide biplane. impartial, perpetual menu
ninja boy
ninja boy Před 7 dny
The Living Lazar
The Living Lazar Před 7 dny
I wish inorsloth can make modes and use all the mods
Gaming AnimeKid
Gaming AnimeKid Před 7 dny
Above me is dababy
yuanliang rong
yuanliang rong Před 7 dny
Correction it meme all along
Clint Collier
Clint Collier Před 7 dny
1Shadow_Flame1 z
1Shadow_Flame1 z Před 8 dny
Who's been messing up everything it's been blaza all along
Roblox TV News
Roblox TV News Před 8 dny
Am I the only one who thinki that Socksfor1 looks like MrBeats ?
Captain X Impersonations
You should either do Among us IRL or you should do Avatar the last air bender Fire: shoot fire balls Air: imposter can run faster (because wind speed) Water: wash people away or slow people down Earth: make a rock wall to block people off Ice: freeze people or the ground to make it slippy Lightning: shoot lightning at people Bloodbending: control people
Captain X Impersonations
You should either do Among us IRL or you should do Avatar the last air bender Fire: shoot fire balls Air: imposter can run faster (because wind speed) Water: wash people away or slow people down Earth: make a rock wall to block people off Ice: freeze people or the ground to make it slippy Lightning: shoot lightning at people Bloodbending: control people
PixiFiction Před 8 dny
alternate title: if ea made among us
Spam0916 Před 9 dny
Stephanie Harper
Stephanie Harper Před 9 dny
DaBaby Lets Goooooooo
Vien Sun
Vien Sun Před 9 dny
Nadwe: Sock let me use it Sock: I don’t know it’s that?
Landyn Wadge
Landyn Wadge Před 9 dny
Dababy forever !
Mr Wicked
Mr Wicked Před 9 dny
What is that??? 4:55
Die Před 9 dny
When your a capitalist
Sea tree
Sea tree Před 9 dny
This is just out of hand
Oliver Sinimäe
Oliver Sinimäe Před 9 dny
hey thats europe money
aka savege boi
aka savege boi Před 9 dny
Joke: Why did Tbh steal all the coins? Because hes a SHELLFISH! HAHAHAHAHA
nasir alani
nasir alani Před 9 dny
lets goooooooooooooooooooo
Lord Abigor Official
There was a recreational nuke joke I could have made but I'm an ancom not ancap
Riley Sayers
Riley Sayers Před 10 dny
T A C T I C A L N U K E *I N C O M I N G ! ! ! ! ! !*
Ashjon Heard
Ashjon Heard Před 10 dny
You should change you name to socksfor1the best
Ashjon Heard
Ashjon Heard Před 10 dny
Socks you should change your name to socksfor1the best
Brady Lantz
Brady Lantz Před 10 dny
carter_cool_18 Před 10 dny
Jeremy Tong
Jeremy Tong Před 10 dny
play airship
1337 69
1337 69 Před 11 dny
A M O G U S?
Wei Sheng Woon
Wei Sheng Woon Před 11 dny
nuke is Sid bidi bop m dada booooooooOoOoOOoOoOmmmm
Brendan but on YouTube
These mods are just getting better and better
Hampus Källsten
Hampus Källsten Před 11 dny
A perfect run would not use the free pass. A perfect run would never be suspected.
the 1st round, i thought it was laff cuz it looked like he put the nuke there.
Ian Loftus
Ian Loftus Před 11 dny
69 noice
GAMER GAMING Před 11 dny
Hello guys
Valdemar Rolandsen
Valdemar Rolandsen Před 11 dny
Do Store on the New Airship map :D
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Před 11 dny
Wait. What happened to all the custom skins?
Charlie Hopkins
Charlie Hopkins Před 12 dny
4:57 that actually sounds disturbing
jenna stephens
jenna stephens Před 12 dny
can u still collect coins when ur dead
rosey shipman
rosey shipman Před 12 dny
I’m subbed to all ur canells
Flavinho gameplay
Flavinho gameplay Před 12 dny
69 mil likes😳 sus
woah te e
woah te e Před 12 dny
Strahinja Arsić
Strahinja Arsić Před 12 dny
Joey Mckusky
Joey Mckusky Před 12 dny
The outdo says sock for1 the space man
Cody Kaminski
Cody Kaminski Před 12 dny
What was the clash of clans?
Somy Jacob
Somy Jacob Před 13 dny
Divit Před 13 dny
Alternative title: If among us was made by EA= abuy us
Lakhan Kushwah
Lakhan Kushwah Před 13 dny
Headphone and earphone user are like ...... At startinh
Suzanne Gibson
Suzanne Gibson Před 13 dny
Only if we are going back to the new house and then we can get together with the dogs for a little while I love them and they will give us some more time and then you will have a great weekend together.
Ace Landinggear
Ace Landinggear Před 13 dny
Fun fact:socks makes everyone’s day better
Alan Diaz
Alan Diaz Před 13 dny
TBH is always AFK
Reuben Cooper
Reuben Cooper Před 13 dny
Your the best
BOOST Před 13 dny
I liked your Instagram socks
Lance Burton
Lance Burton Před 13 dny
Mxyn UwU
Mxyn UwU Před 13 dny
0:09 what was that 😭
erika viera
erika viera Před 13 dny
I like how u scream
Sub-Zero Před 13 dny
Bombs? You want it? You’ll have it
Sylwia Janiszyn
Sylwia Janiszyn Před 13 dny
Me wondering- Wait why does everyone have their old outfit not the new.,.
Kara Matida
Kara Matida Před 13 dny
The powerful gong immediately hand because flat postsurgically request to a hideous high pantry. pale, handsome brow
Hound Před 14 dny
If you want to skip the Intro go here 1:26
Trevor Vandeveld (Student)
The new maps is out now go check it out
YT Boney
YT Boney Před 14 dny
James Kong
James Kong Před 14 dny
The truthful disgust reciprocally relax because metal chiefly crash since a diligent gas. possible, round postage
Nathan Russell
Nathan Russell Před 14 dny
lets take a moment to respect this mod
james verstrat
james verstrat Před 14 dny
You should do jester and shop mod together
Martie Josh
Martie Josh Před 14 dny
Imagine an item:medical degree-allows you to revive bodys
Khaled Alsafi
Khaled Alsafi Před 14 dny
hehe store go brrr
Deon Grodorn
Deon Grodorn Před 14 dny
Muffin left the game and socks was talking about everything that you can buy
Omar Mohammed
Omar Mohammed Před 14 dny
Max Cole
Max Cole Před 14 dny
I mean, numbers, are different!?
Max Cole
Max Cole Před 14 dny
To Socks, why is the only difference in your two channels is that the nu
Max Cole
Max Cole Před 14 dny
Imposter: uses a nuke. Socks: What The Frick!?
Max Cole
Max Cole Před 14 dny
Imposter: kills in front of Socks. Socks: NANI!?
Yamikage VG
Yamikage VG Před 14 dny
That's not even Among Us anymore haha. It seems so entertaining
Robloxian Gamer 99
Robloxian Gamer 99 Před 14 dny
RANDOM ROLES Mod in Among Us
Rybičky 48 - Svatební hymna
Rybičky 48 - Svatební hymna