I found a SECRET ROOM in minecraft on the SOCK SMP 

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today I found a secret room in Minecraft on the sock smp revealing the "truth"
Join MC Server → SOCKS.GG
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Outro → bit.ly/2DoKefp

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27. 03. 2021





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Socksfor1 Před 20 dny
final episode part 1 tomorrow for the sock smp! be there! www.twitch.tv/socksfor1
Definitely A Human
Definitely A Human Před 11 dny
@Gentleman YT SUPER MEGA SUPER MEGA SUPER LEGEND it’s not that easy for me
Furious BearGaming
Furious BearGaming Před 11 dny
Ree machine 😂
@Definitely A Human DOWNLOQD IT
Definitely A Human
Definitely A Human Před 11 dny
Bro upload it to YT I don’t have Twitch
The Loosh
The Loosh Před 13 dny
@Ziper idk
Mohammad Yt BS
Mohammad Yt BS Před dnem
After researching for 2 whole weeks I finally got it see memegods first episode of socksmp tbh wants to marry memegod but he refuses so he did all of that
Halla Arce
Halla Arce Před dnem
please upload the final ep on youtube
Mauricio Jenkins
Mauricio Jenkins Před dnem
When are you going to uploaded final part 1
Avan Chng
Avan Chng Před 2 dny
Gulnaz Azimi
Gulnaz Azimi Před 3 dny
Naruto is the best anime
Sario Tube
Sario Tube Před 3 dny
we need the finale part 1
Super sibling Gaming
When is the final part?
Panzer 999
Panzer 999 Před 3 dny
Blaza:"Oh oh" chat:"Blaza left" XD
ML Moody
ML Moody Před 4 dny
Wait is tbh part of the akutski
Matias Castillo
Matias Castillo Před 4 dny
Socks I want you to troll blaza
Henry Lichtarski
Henry Lichtarski Před 4 dny
75 years? That is how long I have been begging my parents to buy minecraft
akoch1n Před 5 dny
i just realized [SPOILERS] in the caption or description, socks says that they have uncovered the truth in quotes he's been hinting at it this whole time..
Trender Pampers
Trender Pampers Před 5 dny
can i join socksmp..?
kelly hauk
kelly hauk Před 5 dny
Hello socks
LeakySloth Před 5 dny
I found a heli in the intro of the video smp
Eyüp Ensar
Eyüp Ensar Před 5 dny
Me learning that socks not watching naruto:you disgust me
jax anims
jax anims Před 6 dny
Lol 10:50
Beafyjerk2749 Před 6 dny
Socks doesn’t watch Naruto I guess it’s time to unsubscribe jk jk jk jk lol
I am spider Yeet er
I am a furry tho-
I am spider Yeet er
Fatmemegod is a furry and so am I sooooooooooooooooooo yea
Mexican Whitty
Mexican Whitty Před 6 dny
10:53 Lol
Laurence Pascual
Laurence Pascual Před 7 dny
I think tbhonest is wearing the naruto akatsuki dress lol
DeathstalkerGaming Před 7 dny
Everyone talking about how joocie was in hardly any episodes and then there’s oof who was only in episode 1
Julia D
Julia D Před 2 dny
Oof was in ep.5 too
Nick Plays
Nick Plays Před 7 dny
swampyfoxhole Před 7 dny
I'm hoping that dino comes 🦖🦖🦖
Cole's world of fun
16:28 photos taken before disaster
LiamLegendGamer Před 7 dny
Can you make a mod list of all the mods that you youse or a zip with all the mods
RAMCY Před 7 dny
can you plz make a youtube video about the ending
Eferere Kess
Eferere Kess Před 7 dny
Train a dragon and grow it with bone meal
Andrew Castle
Andrew Castle Před 7 dny
I'm with you dino :)
Orange Před 8 dny
when you hate grandmas bread=14:17
uwu_Maxi Před 8 dny
But who killed Victoria now?
Salman Raja
Salman Raja Před 8 dny
Why does he use Fortnite music
Daniel Diaz
Daniel Diaz Před 8 dny
wtf you dont watch naruto why
Orange Před 8 dny
never watch naruto
muhd radzi
muhd radzi Před 8 dny
what happend after episode "the end?"
Jayden Resky
Jayden Resky Před 9 dny
You are the best youtuber
Soleil Zavier Adam
Soleil Zavier Adam Před 9 dny
wars in smp dream smp: tommy's disc sock smp: the murder of victoria the cow
Ink!Sans Před 9 dny
The fact that Tbh wears like Akatsuki's(did I wrote that wrong?) cape is making this much better.
Mauventures Před 9 dny
Episode 3?!
Cosmic Wolf
Cosmic Wolf Před 9 dny
I named myself Tbh is Guilty in he discord server and I knew!
Cosmic Wolf
Cosmic Wolf Před 9 dny
The socks Smp is dead in few weeks
Cosmic Wolf
Cosmic Wolf Před 9 dny
eagle riley
eagle riley Před 9 dny
TBH: why do I hear ride of the valkeyries
Liam Chandler
Liam Chandler Před 9 dny
Socks is square
The Purple Rage of Calypso
It’s not laff not tb not socks not meme so that leaves blaza wolf nadwe muffin dino that are sus
The Purple Rage of Calypso
@mohmammed tom I did
mohmammed tom
mohmammed tom Před 9 dny
@The Purple Rage of Calypso chek the final eposode
The Purple Rage of Calypso
@mohmammed tom no man he’s cleared why would he make fun of his own bread
mohmammed tom
mohmammed tom Před 9 dny
dude it laff chek the last episode they did
Hyper Před 10 dny
Hold up this is ending???
mohmammed tom
mohmammed tom Před 9 dny
part one og it
GamingWith Steve
GamingWith Steve Před 10 dny
I swear i hear Sock clash of clan or Clash royale
God Sarado
God Sarado Před 10 dny
wow. after the SMP is finished and ended. Voltz Wars XD
Juliet Fisher
Juliet Fisher Před 10 dny
*perfectly cut screams*
Helen Jones
Helen Jones Před 10 dny
Laff is the one behind this
mohmammed tom
mohmammed tom Před 9 dny
you are right and they know chek the newest episode
Rowe Diamonds
Rowe Diamonds Před 10 dny
What part 1!! This is part 1!!
Rowe Diamonds
Rowe Diamonds Před 10 dny
Make part 2!!!
LIM ZEE YANG Moe Před 11 dny
Why are you playing clash royale
roxy palace
roxy palace Před 11 dny
The master mind might be bakbak...
mohmammed tom
mohmammed tom Před 9 dny
lol its laff
Himanshu Mishra
Himanshu Mishra Před 11 dny
O god a Indian guy
Nightmare 1236780
Nightmare 1236780 Před 11 dny
I like the ending
Pie Před 11 dny
Venom cool Kids
Venom cool Kids Před 11 dny
When the war has lasted twenty years the dragonets will come. When the land is soaked in blood and tears the dragonets will come. Find the seawing egg of deepest blue. Wings of night shell come to you. And the biggest egg in mountain high will give to you wings of sky. And for wings of earth search through the mud for a egg the colour of dragon blood. And hidden alone from the rival friends is the sand wing egg awaits unseen of two friend of socks and fatmemegod. One shell die and one shell learn if he bowels to a fair that is stronger and higher he will have the power of wings of fire. Five dragons to hatch on brightist night five dragons born to end the fight. The darkness will rise to bring the light. The dragonets are coming.
Nicole Myrick MotherFunny
You deleted my guess on who is the true killer of Victoria. So that means it was true. Let’s wait for the next episode to see if that guess was right
MR.Tiggiwinkles Crocodile
Make more please
Ann Casey
Ann Casey Před 11 dny
When are you uploading the next vid??
EJ Golding
EJ Golding Před 11 dny
Laff BAD BREAD Also laff so you have chosen death today boi
Tejas Malhotra
Tejas Malhotra Před 11 dny
Man see his among us mod change every meeting in the sock smp trailer he is holding a sniper socks did it
Mandala Abhiram
Mandala Abhiram Před 11 dny
yea clash of clans!!
Kate Hayes
Kate Hayes Před 12 dny
Maybe TB cooked Victoria's meat
N Masiri
N Masiri Před 12 dny
I was one of those monkeys lol
Jasmine Elrik
Jasmine Elrik Před 12 dny
I do think honest is being framed, the way meme said put the thing was sus.
Enzo Aguilar
Enzo Aguilar Před 12 dny
when laff says hey it sounds like the a man has fallen into the river meme who agrees with me.
Zander Bacon
Zander Bacon Před 13 dny
I feel like if Dino will be torturing tbh, then it will either be to get information, or just for personal satisfaction.
Elinor Bickley
Elinor Bickley Před 3 dny
Probably personal satisfaction
Kate Hayes
Kate Hayes Před 13 dny
We haven't heard of that creepy guy for a while
Zander Bacon
Zander Bacon Před 13 dny
15:44 “I say we just torture him” - Dino Man he really meant it when he said “I’m trying new ways to kill.” And man that Dino face was a happy one oh no honestly I’m starting to get afraid of him.
Leon dab
Leon dab Před 13 dny
Bruh its OOMPA in the first episode you can clearly see that when oompa was talking to socks in the prison and planning to escape him his evil voice came out(the evil voice that nuked the village) so lets just see if im right by any chance
The Bystander233
The Bystander233 Před 13 dny
By God Meme God is attracted to furries , Shrudder
Donovan S
Donovan S Před 13 dny
Aida Ajish
Aida Ajish Před 13 dny
Wit you do not watch Naruto
Nicole Soucie
Nicole Soucie Před 13 dny
But nadwe eyes are red sun
Nicole Soucie
Nicole Soucie Před 13 dny
I feel like tbh is fine because someone could have framed him
Bites YT
Bites YT Před 13 dny
Puppy Gaming
Puppy Gaming Před 13 dny
can you make sock smp season 2
Jairus Bernal
Jairus Bernal Před 14 dny
Bad Bread!!
Stephen Maybury
Stephen Maybury Před 14 dny
Maybe the potion was real
BlaZe Baker
BlaZe Baker Před 14 dny
Can I torture him? Why not?
Xx_Asuna Malfoy_xX
Xx_Asuna Malfoy_xX Před 14 dny
how was muffin so prepared for the day when they would have monkeys? what a coincedence.....
Reto Beat
Reto Beat Před 14 dny
No it only begunn
Dilbagh Singh
Dilbagh Singh Před 14 dny
You should actually play clash of clans that would be so funny and the amount of memes you can make lol
Mrblock Před 15 dny
What are the mods that u use
Toni Ireland-Hay
Toni Ireland-Hay Před 15 dny
it is my bday the day befre easter
WarriorFor1 Před 15 dny
Ryan Chalmers
Ryan Chalmers Před 15 dny
Ariel Haas
Ariel Haas Před 15 dny
Laff killed Wicktoria 100%. He owns everything and in the first episode FatMemeGod looked at something and Laff said IT WAS A SURPRISE. Then there was a surprise after.
Godhairslayer Před 15 dny
Ladies and gentlemen, I hope somebody picks up that phone because I F***ing called it! Go back to the first episode, I predicted that tbh was the killer and he hired Dino to take the shot and so far it is looking like my prediction is true!
Rishan Sadat Chowdhury
2:23 why is someone playing brawl stars
Omar Bassam
Omar Bassam Před 15 dny
14:18 do not insult laff’s bread
dumbcrap content
dumbcrap content Před 15 dny
Where is part 1 of the final episode
Nadia Srour
Nadia Srour Před 16 dny
I thought it was Dino but it waa tbh;?!!?
Ivan Teen
Ivan Teen Před 16 dny
I do watch Naruto, "Akatsuki" is a band of rogue ninjas from differents land and working together to get all the 9 jinchuriikis to give the energy to a monster to finish the Akatsuki's goal.(What more detail? Just watch naruto for like 3 or 5 years)(It is very long)
Viktoriya Koeva
Viktoriya Koeva Před 16 dny
what if tbh diskisd as socks and paid to dino to kill wikctoria
Edins Před 16 dny
avanger end game but with monkeys and no thanos
Ahoj, Brawl Stars komunito!
Beach Money Ball!!💵🌊💵