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today in among us we have a new captain America role
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Family Friendly PG Clean 13+


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21. 03. 2021





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Socksfor1 Před 26 dny
captain america joins the dark side
richard smith
richard smith Před 6 dny
I love yo vids
Captain America no lives matter
Elvin Varghese
Elvin Varghese Před 11 dny
There is a Captain America among us 😳
Connor Zheng
Connor Zheng Před 18 dny
Oh no I’m ded
Lon3Wolf_Gacha Před 18 dny
The villains would be happy
Bman Před 21 hodinou
They predicted Falcon and Winter Solider
vincent Před 3 dny
X-Factor 2999
X-Factor 2999 Před 7 dny
He predicted the most recent Falcon and Winter Solider Episode!
Captain X Impersonations
You should either do Among us IRL or you should do Avatar the last air bender Fire: shoot fire balls Air: imposter can run faster (because wind speed) Water: wash people away or slow people down Earth: make a rock wall to block people off Ice: freeze people or the ground to make it slippy Lightning: shoot lightning at people Bloodbending: control people
Aadinath P M
Aadinath P M Před 10 dny
Captain baby
Ziad Mohey
Ziad Mohey Před 10 dny
But captain America was told to stop the villains not join them
SIS and BRO Před 11 dny
DON’T SHIW MY BROTHER THIS!!!! He loves this hero, but.. the he’s bad so... DON’T SHOW HIM THIS SOCKSFOR1!!!!!!!!!
Michael Huff
Michael Huff Před 12 dny
God. When Disney properties get involved, I’m out.
Manojee Dabare
Manojee Dabare Před 13 dny
Your hydra agents and he infiltrated hydra
Noah Hess Unger
Noah Hess Unger Před 13 dny
I subscribed
therrence abrazado
therrence abrazado Před 13 dny
lil mosey blueberry faygo take you out real quick
Rubicorn Před 14 dny
i’m in love with the edits on this
Rubicorn Před 14 dny
no doubt about it this needs proximity chat.
Merennulli Před 15 dny
Hail Hydra
Maricar Molito
Maricar Molito Před 15 dny
how to get mod
Axel Tan Doom
Axel Tan Doom Před 15 dny
There's someone we haven't seen in a long time: Jowdow
Kage No o
Kage No o Před 15 dny
Am I the only one thinking that with F&WS out now this video is super accurate to the "new captain america"
Clone Wars Productions
It’s just like the new Captain America in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.
The Austin
The Austin Před 16 dny
That's incredibly nice but what if it makes more sense if Captain America or any other character like Batman the join the goods guys the fight the imposters instead
Jana Carrera
Jana Carrera Před 17 dny
captain amarecia is avengers why he is in game
Nerd Bear!
Nerd Bear! Před 17 dny
SocksFor1 *More Like* SusFor1
Mui Potato
Mui Potato Před 17 dny
5:09 when u realise he threw a shield at shields:
Cookie cook
Cookie cook Před 17 dny
I think that crewmates are just hydra
NBASLIME Před 17 dny
Nah jit him wit the SIKE I LIED CARD
Rexyxle n' Cir_cl
Rexyxle n' Cir_cl Před 17 dny
dont get caught in 4k
Gerlie Belcina
Gerlie Belcina Před 17 dny
Socks:*fails the imposter run* FatMemeGod:I SAW YOU MEMEGOD Socks:LMAO how
caleb dickson
caleb dickson Před 18 dny
The agreeable organisation tinctorially supply because side amazingly fear astride a common shorts. deeply, ajar clam
Bradley Jennings
Bradley Jennings Před 18 dny
captain america imposter... sounds like a show that started recently
KirbyLegs Před 18 dny
4:23 monkey Blaza
Speedy Ultimate
Speedy Ultimate Před 18 dny
9:45, now that OP or should I say "thats so Op"!
Kevin Van Santen
Kevin Van Santen Před 18 dny
1:28 LOL
ColinCheshire Před 18 dny
Famous words of 1forsocks: family friendly pg clean 13+
Grant Peter
Grant Peter Před 18 dny
knock knock hi meme whos their?? not ur medical hahahaha
ElectroGaming _FFA
ElectroGaming _FFA Před 18 dny
im at 9 seconds and i could see what happened when he was captain america :|
Alex Willson
Alex Willson Před 19 dny
Blaza op
Nice Nice
Nice Nice Před 19 dny
socks for 1 among us videos always have to end right when he pulls off a perfect impostor run
am pro
am pro Před 20 dny
blaza was doing shields while RUNNING FROM A SHEILD
Levi ACKERMAN Před 20 dny
Dragon Master7461
Dragon Master7461 Před 20 dny
There is also a Ironman
Conner Ziehen
Conner Ziehen Před 20 dny
It’s every time de perfect imposter around on de end every time
X - TRON Před 20 dny
Blaza: It was in lower electrical. Socks, who literally was there when the body got reported: Very poor choice of words
William Gray
William Gray Před 21 dnem
Meme fixes the shield to enlodge the shield
WarriorFor1 Před 21 dnem
Lucas Cozza
Lucas Cozza Před 21 dnem
What ever happen to the sheriff
GGk1dz Před 21 dnem
5:45 I think I Like "Captain Teenager" better
lisa buchan
lisa buchan Před 21 dnem
People that say how many subs i can i get from this comment needs to fucking own them make a fuckin channle
CheyZ queen
CheyZ queen Před 21 dnem
I was watching this and got a Disney plus captain America ad
Өгэдэй Өсөхбаяр
7:21 the most funny part
RedDragonForce2 Před 21 dnem
Captain America: Hail Hydra!
Maggie Malinowski
Maggie Malinowski Před 21 dnem
Anyone else REALLY like TBH’s laugh?
Jc Marisga
Jc Marisga Před 22 dny
Iron man mod?
Bea Abello
Bea Abello Před 22 dny
The avengers has come 🙂
Robert Maynard
Robert Maynard Před 22 dny
Do iron man next pls pls pls
abie shammah
abie shammah Před 22 dny
And can you make the people who have the ability’s look like the character that they are please.
abie shammah
abie shammah Před 22 dny
Bendy can go through walls, he can do it automatically it’s not an ability, he can turn into cute Bendy and put on a show if people don’t make it in time they die, and after the show they get paralyzed for 15 seconds and no one can escape, then he can send three searchers to kill three people that he wants to die,then he can turn into beast bendy and run Really fast and kills whoever is in his way there is a way to defeat him it’s fixing all the sabotages but there’s extra time
abie shammah
abie shammah Před 22 dny
Can you also make BENDY MOD
abie shammah
abie shammah Před 22 dny
Mew can revive people, also has psychic powers, he can teleport people and himself,he can also make a shield, mew can also put people in glass tubes and make a clone of them but the clone can move without the real one,
abie shammah
abie shammah Před 22 dny
So mewtwo can freez everyone but he can Let whoever he wants let go, he has psychic powers, mewtwo can also change the map, and he can also put a shield on whoever he wants and himself next mew
abie shammah
abie shammah Před 22 dny
abie shammah
abie shammah Před 22 dny
Make mewtwo & mew mod,
Dj Bell
Dj Bell Před 22 dny
The only scenario where Captain America is a bad guy
minecraft king Mudsir
Captain America is amazing
Anime Rink
Anime Rink Před 22 dny
the fact that socks turned back in front of mad ppl and they still ain’t see amazes me
Emanuel Ziska
Emanuel Ziska Před 22 dny
I love how fatmemegod says hes a doctor but he barely ever gets doctor
YYSINN CHUA Moe Před 22 dny
Blaza:The coin never lies😆🟡 Tbhhonest is the doctor. Blaza:maybe the coin did lied🖐🏻😪
Joey Hernandez
Joey Hernandez Před 23 dny
Bruh when i saw this there was a captain América ad
Lucas T
Lucas T Před 23 dny
2:06 F word
Opalus Před 23 dny
0:55 ok ok ok I was gonna say, why the heck is Captain America THE IMPOSTER!?!
jason felezario
jason felezario Před 23 dny
Salmon Před 23 dny
Superheros: Save the world Socks: And I took that personally
Kat the gamer
Kat the gamer Před 23 dny
7:02 XD How?? Blaza stood right there!
Hana Nichols
Hana Nichols Před 23 dny
Lol I clicked on this and I got a commercial of the avengers with Captain America
Renata Lasota
Renata Lasota Před 23 dny
Earth Minecraftion
Earth Minecraftion Před 23 dny
haidendagod Před 23 dny
anyone alse notice thier lobby is just guys
NWP _ GainZ
NWP _ GainZ Před 23 dny
Captain I'm Erica
Ennard ???
Ennard ??? Před 23 dny
Hey I had an idea like this it was an capten American
Luca Middelbos
Luca Middelbos Před 23 dny
Captain bri- ish
LoLZTheMan Před 23 dny
Center4life Před 23 dny
Day 26 of asking socks to make a psychic roll that can see one person roll a game
FORMULA BOY Před 23 dny
A new meaning for I have shields
Jeremy Teiken
Jeremy Teiken Před 23 dny
3:41 (pause) Did anyone else notice that his pc was slow...
The Diamond Noodles
The Diamond Noodles Před 23 dny
Blaza: Oh good morning captain America and then I’m like OH WAIT THATS CAPTAIN AMERICA
Cydnie Valle
Cydnie Valle Před 24 dny
Socks : it was me- My brain : thinking that socks said it was me dio you thought it was socks
Nele Karic
Nele Karic Před 24 dny
MrBlaza sus
Trashypanda._. Před 24 dny
10:02 (pause to see) why does captain america look like he's dancing lmao
Shobhit Awasthi
Shobhit Awasthi Před 24 dny
you stink socks
Kim Daly
Kim Daly Před 24 dny
Run boy run
orxbs Před 24 dny
Should be Captain Hydra
Lorenzo Lopez
Lorenzo Lopez Před 24 dny
Nadwe been taken notes from ajgreene on tiktok😂
Utkarsh Vyas
Utkarsh Vyas Před 24 dny
socks threw his shield in sheilds
Aarush Yadav
Aarush Yadav Před 24 dny
Captain America is good not bad
『Mini Imposter』• 12 years ago
Whale whale whale whale
Roblox_Lasagna_ Chick
Joocies voice is so satisfying i love it so much
Guadalupe Lechuga
Guadalupe Lechuga Před 24 dny
Iron man mod
JD3 HD Před 24 dny
This makes sense cause cap is on da moon rn
Eric Xiao
Eric Xiao Před 24 dny
Blaza: Revert to monke
siriusimnot Před 24 dny
It’s not me me it’s meme
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